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Blue Lotus Flower – Dried (Nymphaea Caerulea)


Blue Lotus Flower, sourced from Egypt and known for its relaxation properties, is available in various forms like whole flowers or tea blends. It’s revered for inducing meditative energy and enhancing intuition among other things.

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Pure Infinity Botanicals Blue Lotus/Kratom Extract Chewable Tablets

The folks at Pure Infinity Botanicals understand that you deserve a tranquil state of mind. Your busy life can sometimes make it hard to feel relaxed and at ease. With these Blue Lotus and Kratom Chewable Tablets, our aim is to make it that much easier.
Blue lotus is an Egyptian water lily that is primary consumed as a tea extract.  Many users have boasted about Blue Lotus (Nymphea Caerulea) being useful for: calmness, mood elevation, and working as a natural aphrodisiac. With Blue Lotus combined with Kratom it amplifies its already powerful wellness effects. Each tablet is a blend of: 45mg Mitragynine, 0.015mg 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and 14mg of Mesembrine (active ingredient in Blue Lotus).
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